I use to think I knew a lot but then I got older and realized, I knew very little.  Funny how that works. Now I’m on a constant  quest to learn as much as I can and begin to implement it in my life.  This journey, I have been told, will never end and will always be measured by taking one step at a time.  Slow, steady, methodical.  Although I have stumbled and tripped many a time along my way, I have learned that my life purpose is to get up, dust myself off, and take the next step forward.

I used to think at some point, with enough practise, one would reach perfection.  Where the tripping and falling would cease, but I realize that was just one more thing that I didn’t know.  Even the wisest monks and sages who have spent their entire lives on the spiritual quest talk about how they often stumble.  It is not a mistake or imperfection but life provides us with constant practise to live this life amongst others the best way that we possibly can. It will always be new, fresh, and challenging.  It would be pretty boring if it wasn’t.

So I have learned to embrace the imperfection and now, to smile when I trip, instead of feeling guilty or inadequate.  I am exactly who I am supposed to be, right now, at this very moment.  I embrace that.

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