Retreat Day 2


I lie on the grass beneath the huge oak tree and watch the sun try to pierce through the leaves and IMG_4434 branches directly overhead. Then a little chickadee moves from branch to branch on its morning travels. Looking up through the tree towards the sparkling sun and sky is profound and beautiful. More gratitude flows through my heart. Thank you for creating this experience for me. I am truly in paradise. What grand karma do I bring into this life that has allowed me such pleasures? The question arises – am I worthy? Do I deserve such joy? Of course!  Returns the answer. If I am a part of spirit and the divine, then this is part of the magnificence of the divine. I am beginning to fall in love with spirit and the world; do I daresay I’m beginning to fall in love with the divine? As I lie here on the grass, the buzzing insects whip past me. They are on their own journeys. I don’t even bother trying to wave them away.

We as people are also each on our own journeys, trying to find our own ways through life.  We walk past many people on a daily basis, often without even noticing them, but then there are certain people that tend to have a spark, a glow, something out of the ordinary.  They catch our eye. When they enter into our lives a connection is felt immediately. I think this reaction is to wake us up, to pay attention, and to let us know that this person is significant in our life – maybe they’re a teacher, a student, or a co-journeyer, but when instinct kicks in, listen to it.  This I have learned.

Or maybe the person may have been part of my past life and there may be a lesson that one of us still has to learn from the other. I am reminded to pay attention, raise my awareness, and learn the lesson so that I can move on.  I have learned that life’s rule is quite simple:  learn the lesson now, or it will continue to be repeated until such time that the learning takes place. I remind myself to take the time to begin to understand what is happening and why.  Ask myself if  I am repeating a past behavior pattern? What is it that I am to learn from this person, from this interaction?  All of this from a place of gentleness and compassion.  I receive this opportunity as a gift that life offers to me so I can continue to develop and fulfill my true potential and destiny. I promise myself I will remember this when I return home. It is so much simpler to repeat set patterns. Breaking free is when the life journey becomes beautiful.

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