Dec 30 2011 download 084I treasure the moments of tenderness in my life.  It may be a look, a smile, a gesture of kindness, a thank you. I don’t remember the things, the events.  The soccer game we won or the nice outfit I bought or my ranking in the company. I remember the feeling. How each of these moments made me feel.  It doesn’t have to be much. It can be the wink of an eye from the elderly woman as we exchange a few words as she walks by on the sidewalk. It can be the smile from the young man who I slow my car down for so he can cross the street, it can be the gentle pat on the arm from my friend acknowledging my company as we listen to music together, or it can be the conversation that went on for hours over coffee as we explored the mysteries of life. It is the feeling of the warm, safe arms around me as the one I love holds me in his embrace when I get frightened or overwhelmed or just need human contact to remind me of what is real. It is when time stands still and the laws of Physics no longer apply. In that moment, in that very instance, life is experienced.

It is the coming together of two human beings, the sharing of a moment in time, this moment, in which a connection of souls occurs.  It is the moment when one heart is seen by another, and becomes filled with light. When all illusion fades away, all worries, fears and obstacles are gone, and there is nothing left but kindness.  For a brief moment we can see a glimpse of heaven and experience the awe and beauty.  We become complete and whole.  All desire dissolves and everything we could ever want is present within us. This is where I want to stay.

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